Episode 8 - The The 1939 White Paper and its Tragic Consequences

"As more original Zionist Jews came to  Palestine, and they are buying land then starting to work on agriculture, tilling the fields and turning swamp, and so on, into arable land.  Now there are people from Syria, from what became Lebanon, but certainly from the surrounding region, who start going in to get jobs as labourers in the fields.  The Jews were doing what the Arabs were never able to do, which was to run a very successful agricultural society. And in the meantime you have those who are already resisting the Jewish presence.  So they start in Hebron in 1929 carrying out massacres and so on.  There is that unhappiness developing."  Dr Denis McEoin.

"Move to 1930 – the time of the Passfield White Paper – restrictions start to be imposed after so many years of conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine.  Britain starts to turn her back on the Jewish people.  Starts to diminish the rights that were already given in the Mandate for Palestine, contrary to their obligations as Mandatory."  Dr Jacques Gauthier.

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