Episode 7 - The Legal Obligations of the Mandate for Palestine

Article 2 of the Mandate states: “The Mandatory” – that is Great Britain – “shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the Jewish national home …” 

"The Mandate of Palestine was specific about who was the beneficiary of this right of self-determination.  The preamble to the Mandate tells us that the Mandate was created in order to reconstitute the Jewish homeland on its ancient land.  If you read through the Mandate you’ll see that there are a number of provisions designed to guarantee that.  The Mandatory authority, the British, were supposed to co-operate with the Jewish Agency in running the Mandate, they were supposed to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of citizenship by Jews, immigration by Jews, close settlement of Jews on the land.  So there are all these provisions that show us that it was a Mandate designed to guarantee the self-determination of the Jewish people …"  Professor Avi Bell, Professor of Law at San Diego University School of Law

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