Episode 5 - The San Remo Resolution

"It was in San Remo that the leaders with the power to make binding dispositions with the respect to the Ottoman territories deliberated and made the decision, having heard claims from the Zionist Organisation in Paris in 1919 during the Paris Peace Conference and having heard submissions from the Arab delegation in respect to what they wanted in the Ottoman territories.  Having heard these submissions, a group of them gathered here and made final binding decisions in International Law as to who would get what. 

It was the Jewish people who were chosen to be the beneficiaries of a Trust – a Mandate – under the care of the British government in respect to Palestine. It was the Arab inhabitants of the territories of Mesopotamia – Iraq now – Syria and Lebanon that were chosen to be the beneficiaries of a trust, or a mandate.  Part of it under the trusteeship of, or mandate of the French – Syria and Lebanon, part of it under British supervision – Mesopotamia."  Dr Jacques Gauthier, International Human Rights Lawyer 



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