WHOSE LAND - In 10 Episodes

The documentary "Whose Land Part 1 - Foundations" is now available on UKLFI  Charitable Trust's YouTube Channel in 10 episodes.

We present the episodes for viewing here:

Episode 1 - The Jewish Presence in Jerusalem from Antiquity

Episode 2- Ottoman Turkish rule over Palestine

Episode 3 - The Zionist Movement and the Balfour Declaration

Episode 4 - The Paris Peace Conference and the League of Nations

Episode 5 - The San Remo Resolution

Episode 6 - The role of Winston Churchill in the Mandates

Episode 7 - The Legal obligations of the Mandate for Palestine

Episode 8 - The 1939 White Paper and Its Tragic Consequences

Episode 9 - The Rights of the Jewish People in the United Nations Charter

Episode 10 - Britain's betrayal of the Mandate exposed

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