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US State of Kentucky introduces anti-BDS Legislation

Kentucky has become the 26th US state to pass legislation that stops state resources from being used by companies that boycott Israeli products and services.

In November 2018 Governor Matt Bevin signed an executive order requiring state contractors to promise that they don’t participate in the Israeli boycott, divestment and sanctions movement known as “BDS.”

Bevin was quoted as saying:  “This BDS movement seems innocuous enough, seems that it may not be worthy of sounding an alarm. But it’s repugnant, it’s morally reprehensible it truly is,”

The executive order will require companies and individuals doing business with the state to sign a written pledge promising that they aren’t participating in the boycott.

The full executive order is here:   kentucky executive order

A full list of all the US states that have anti-BDS legislation is published on our website HERE