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Readers of UKLFI Bulletin

Many thanks for another informative and useful Bulletin. Don’t know how you do it: for what it’s worth, please accept my wholehearted admiration.
Yours aye, shalom” – Flora Selwyn

“Bravo on your sustained efforts – we (a small group of enthusiasts) in Canada have been trying – with thus far limited success – to emulate your example. Congratulations – keep it up” – Stephen Posen

“This contains a lot of excellent news. Thank you all very much.” – Eleanor Platt QC

“Another wonderful email. You do such fabulous work. Bless you for your commitment and resolve, not to mention expertise.” Nigel Goodrich

“Your analysis is so useful – I can’t thank you enough – this is coming up for debate at short notice next week, so I can rely on the submission that UKLFI made. It was in your Bulletin of a few months ago.” – Baroness Deech DBE QC