UKLFI Charitable Trust

Regavim Talk

Naomi Linder Kahn gave an intelligent and interesting talk about the work of Regavim at a UKLFI Charitable Trust meeting on 1 December 2019.  Regavim is a small Israeli NGO which monitors illegal building and illegal use of land both within and beyond the Green Line, so that it can bring legal proceedings to try to enforce the applicable building regulations.



Regavim also seeks to prevent environmental scourges such as illegal car and rubbish dumps, which pollute the ground-water, aquifers, soil and atmosphere.  In addition, Regavim monitors and tries to prevent illegal digging of land that contains important archaeological remains, such as Herodian palaces in the Jordan valley. Naomi explained that these actions are taken against Jewish as well as Arab violators, to ensure that laws are enforced equally and that vital resources are conserved for the benefit of all inhabitants.

There was a demonstration outside the venue in Camden organised by several groups, including Na’amod, the International Solidarity Movement and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Demonstrators showed that they sought the destruction of the State of Israel by regularly chanting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” and “Yes, yes, BDS”.  We are very grateful to the Police who ensured that they did not disrupt the meeting.

A video of Naomi’s talk can be viewed HERE