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New Legal Resources

We are adding to our Legal Resources on this website.  Here are some links to interesting recently published articles, legislation and other resources.


Acceptance of Israel by Arab countries

An assessment of the relations between Israel and the UAE, how official policy and population attitudes differ, and how Expo 2020 could increase acceptance.



EUFRA survey prompted by EUJS concerns proves both an increase in antisemitism and an increase in defiant Jewish pride among young European Jews. Second link explains how to access the database.

Canada adopts IHRA definition.

Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU Member States: Technical report.

The technical report relates to the following two publications which were released in December 2018:

Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism/Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU  and

Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism – Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU: Questionnaire

and the following publication which was released in March 2019:

Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism. Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU: Summary


Arms Export

Court Appeal successful – Secretary of State breached International Humanitarian Law as it did not properly evaluate the risk of exported arms to Saudi Arabia being used in the Yemenite Conflict.



AirBnB no longer blacklisted by Florida since they reverted their settlement policy.


Macdonald’s intention to compete to open an eatery at Ben-Gurion challenged by the Samarian settlers they boycott.



Very critical article highlighting potential illegitimacy of seizing and holding boats from Gaza fishing strip. High court ordered these boats to be returned to owners.



IAEA undermine Oslo Accords through signing an agreement with the ‘State of Palestine’.



Jerusalem Institute of Justice and Jerusalem District Court unite in support of Palestinians brutalized by the Palestinian Authority.




Israel Legal System

Nave’s replacement could threaten The Knesset/Supreme Court balance


Israel prisons

Judgement HJC 6314/17 (not yet accessible). Rejection of petition by Hamas terrorists for family visits, on the grounds that these visits are a privilege not a right and so they have not had any right taken from them due to being inprisoned.



Inequality of freedom of worship and damage to ancient structures as new mosque built illegally on Temple Mount (linked to links 8.7.19)


Judea and Samaria

Book review by the founder of Al-Haq: Palestinian perspective of how Israel legalised its position and circumvented international law with regard to the Occupied Territories

Demolition of illegal construction by squatter after Seven years of proceedings



How responsible are payment companies for the actions of its users funding extremism?

German Bank and BDS group Jewish Voice accused by legal rights NGO of aiding PLP terrorism.

Cessation of Viva Palestina as a charity after UK Government takes regulatory action



Pay for Slay

Joan Ryan (Change UK) [268347] To ask the Secretary of State for International Development, pursuant to the Answer of 20 June 2019 to Question 265408 on Palestinian Authority: Pay, whether his Department’s disbursements to the Palestinian Authority (PA) been reduced to reflect the PA’s partial salary payments.

Andrew Murrison: DFID has not reduced its funding to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) health and education sectors for financial year 2019/20. While PA salaries have recently been reduced, our contribution still comprises only a proportion of the PA’s total health and education sector wage bill. UK aid to the PA’s health and education sectors is used exclusively to pay the salaries of vetted health and education public servants, including teachers, doctors and nurses, in the West Bank. The PA’s decision to make partial salary payments to public sector officials does not affect the robust financial safeguards that ensure UK financial aid reaches its intended beneficiaries. The answer referred to above can be read at

Disproportionate increase in the number of senior security staff in PA as method of pay for Slay promotions.

PA ‘temporarily suspends’ financial report publications to avoid pay for slay transparency


Social Media

Twitter called to ban Hamas



FIFA investigation into the head of the Palestinian Football Association for glorifying terror and inciting violence


Politically Jewish Applicant to Harvard with Israeli parents has offer revoked after exposure of racist comments aged 16

US department of education probes Williams College proposal for a new pro-Israel group is rejected in anonymous vote.

UK use of UNRWA working definition of Palestinian refugee upheld.