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Historical report from 1945 shows Palestinian Arabs willingly transferred land to Jews

The Centre for Israel Education has released new documents regarding the transfer of land from Palestinian Arabs in the early 1940s.

Map from 31 March 1945, showing Jewish owned land in Palestine in red

These documents show that Arabs in Palestine willingly sold land to Zionists in the early 1940s, even though there was a British legal prohibition from doing so.

The Centre for Israel Education has published the Land Transfer Committee Report of 28 November 1945.  This reveals the evidence, provided by Palestinian Arabs, that legal circumvention of the law was regular, covert, continuous and sophisticated.

” In an effort to find out how the Land Transfer Regulations were being circumvented, an investigatory Committee was established without Zionists on the Committee. Information and testimony was provided by Palestinian Arab sources. With exceptional detail, the collective testimonies outlined how Arab buyers and Jewish purchasers skirted the British intention to halt the sale of Arab lands.”¬† More on this can be seen HERE

The map from 31 March 31, 1945, shows Jewish owned land in Palestine in red. More than half of the remaining areas were either state-owned lands or lands for which no title deeds existed.

Over 500 documents about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict can be accessed on the Centre for Israel Education website HERE

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