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There is plenty of scope for you to volunteer, whether as a lawyer or non-lawyer.

For the most part, we would ask for your assistance pro bono.  Therefore, you would not need to participate in any project unless you are willing and have the time to do it.

From time to time we circulate a call for volunteers to assist with a particular project.  Alternatively we may contact a specific member or supporter who has expertise in the relevant area.  We might also invite members and supporters to send letters on particular issues.

A Message from Jonathan Turner, our Executive Director

We combat anti-semitism and assist victims of anti-semitism. We need more lawyers and non-lawyers to volunteer to help us with our important work.


We need more lawyers to help with our work, especially in the fields of:

  • administrative law

  • anti-terrorism legislation

  • charity law

  • criminal law

  • defamation and media law

  • education law

  • employment law

  • equality law

  • freedom of information

  • international law

  • local government

  • parliamentary procedure

  • trade union law


If you are not a lawyer, you can help us too. .

Most of our projects require researching the facts, so we are always looking for people to help with research. And many of the things we do can be done by non-lawyers with a little guidance from our specialist lawyers. For further details email


If you are interested in being considered for an internship at UKLFI Charitable Trust or at UK Lawyers for Israel, please email

Membership of UK Lawyers for Israel

Membership of our sister organisation,  UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) is open to lawyers who share its objectives, including retired, academic and trainee lawyers and law students.

UKLFI keeps its members and supporters informed about legal developments relating to Israel by a regular bulletin. They also circulate information, documents and details of events, lectures and seminars of particular interest both to lawyers and also other supporters of Israel.

If you would like to apply to become a member please email UKLFI Limited at  for an application form.

Annual membership is £60 standard or £15 for students.

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