Our Trustees

Our Trustees have overall control of the charity and are responsible for making sure it is doing what it was set up to do. They lead the charity and decide how it is run.  Our Trustees use their skills and experience to support us, helping us to achieve our aims.  

These are our Trustees:

Harvey Rose

Susan Storring

Alan Melkman

Marc Polonsky

Jeremy Sher

Albert Levy

UKLFI Limited

UKLFI Charitable Trust is a separate organisation to UKLFI Ltd which operates under the name UK Lawyers for Israel. UKLFI Charitable Trust was formed in 2016 to carry on and develop activities within its charitable objects that were previously carried on by UKLFI Ltd.

UKLFI Ltd continues its activities as a separate organisation in other areas and has its own website at www.uklfi.com.

UKLFI Ltd has a separate board of directors, who are not Trustees of UKLFI Charitable Trust.

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