Education and Training

We advance legal education on Israel and antisemitism by: 

Organising legal training

  • We devised, organised and delivered a series of interactive seminars for active supporters of Israel on key legal issues, covering universities, student unions, professional associations and other charities; defamation, regulation of the media and misleading advertising; protests, public order, hate crime, terrorist offences and complaining to the police; international law relevant to Israel; and freedom of information legislation

  • We initiated, organized and presented seminars at the Israel Bar Association’s annual conference and at the Israel Chamber of Commerce in 2014 on how to beat BDS

  • We organized a 5-day legal tour of Israel in 2015, in conjunction with the Zionist Federation of UK and Ireland, to improve understanding of the Israeli legal system and the challenges it faces, thereby strengthening the ability of participants to combat delegitimisation

  • We circulate a regular bulletin to our members and supporters on legal developments relating to efforts to undermine Israel   

Staging legal lectures

  • We organised a major legal conference in London in 2017, to commemorate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration attended by over 160 people and we also organised sessions at another conference on the legal effects of the Balfour Declaration and League of Nations Mandate

  • We promoted the screening of the documentary film, “Whose Land?”, about the legal basis of the founding of Israel

  • We also participated in a conference on Israel’s rights in The Hague, which led to the preparation of a statement of the participating jurists on the status of Jerusalem and territories captured by Israel in 1967

  • We organised a variety of talks on legal issues relating to Israel; Speakers have included Ken Marcus of the Louis Brandeis Center, MK Karine El-Harrar, Yona Schiffmiller of NGO Monitor and Shai Bazak of KKL

  • We spoke at the  ZF 2016 Annual Israel Seminar on the current situation on university campuses and legal steps that can be taken to protect students from anti-Israel hostility and intimidation

  • We also spoke at the 2016 Friends of Israel conference organized by the Israeli Embassy for leading pro-Israel activists on how best to invoke the law to combat anti-Israel activity

  • Our directors gave several talks on how the law can be used to combat BDS and other efforts to undermine Israel in 2017 and we organised seminars on antisemitism addressed by leading expert Dr Anthony Julius and on Israel’s security challenges by Ambassador  Arthur Koll

  • We organized a talk in London by Professor Alan Dershowitz in conjunction with JNF UK in 2015

Promotion of legal research and publication of the results

Our publications

  • Student Legal Guide is a legal guide for Israel-supporting students at British universities on their rights, the obligations of universities, student unions, other students and university staff, and how to ensure that these rights and obligations are respected

  • Know your Rights is a guide for UK Students on how to use the law against antisemitism and anti-Israel activity, produced by UKLFI and StandWithUs.

  • We are currently working on a primer explaining key issues of international law to rebut distortions used to delegitimise Israel

Other useful legal materials are set out in our Resources Section 

We screened the film Whose Land to an audience of over 300 in Manchester

Q & A session with Colonal Richard Kemp and director Hugh Kitson after a screening to over 300 people of the film Whose Land in Manchester, January 2018

Jonathan Turner speaking at Limmud, December 2017

Anthony Julius speaking about modern antisemitism in September 2017

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